To put simply, Warm Alpha helps men become charismatic and sexy. The term itself describes a truly attractive man.

Warm stands for friendly and responsive.
Alpha stands for leading and dominant (as in ‘Alpha male’).

We work on helping our clients become that person.

Warm Alpha’s has 2 main coaches: Almog and Alex.

How can I benefit from your services?

Everyone can expect different benefits, depending on their current situation and goals.

Common benefits include:

  • Having choice with women – having more attractive and well-suited romantic partners
  • An insight into what women think, and how your behavior affects what they think about you
  • Increased comfort in social situations – with strangers, friends and lovers
  • Becoming more attractive and compelling to women
  • Deep understanding of how romantic relationships develop
  • How to pursue your love life actively, rather than wait for things to ‘just happen’
  • A feeling of having this area of your life ‘under control’ – finally!
  • More open and honest relationships with the people in your life
  • Significant improvements in social and romantic skills (see below)

What skills can I acquire?

Becoming successful with women is a lot about learning some fundamental social and romantic skills. These skills are universal and extremely effective. Some men manage to acquire them randomly through their life experience. However, it’s not your fault you never learnt them – they are not taught anywhere else!

Depending on the training of your choice, you will learn some (or all) of the following:

  • How to make conversations with strangers anywhere – and how to get their phone number if you want
  • Breaking the ice – get both sides talking and comfortable
  • Making a connection, regardless of superficial commonalities
  • Become comfortable with your anxiety so you can clearly communicate
  • Control the vibe of an interaction – be it flirty, fun or deep
  • Understanding the way women think and why they think the way they do.
  • The importance of coming across as genuine
  • How to have flowing conversations and never running out of things to say
  • How to get people opening up to you, while avoiding boring question-heavy interactions.
  • Consistently create conversations where both sides contribute equally – 50/50
  • How to add sexual tension to your interactions with women
  • Women complain guys just don’t listen. Learn the very important and elusive skill of truly listening to women, the way she wants you to.
  • The right way of talking about yourself without bragging or being too bashful.
  • The art of observation – noticing things about her and the environment that create an instant commonality and conversation topic
  • Learn to arouse her emotions by using compelling language
  • How to genuinely compliment a woman so she feels ‘seen by you’.
  • How to talk on the phone with a girl for the first time… And especially the hardest moments – how to begin the conversation??
  • Create a lasting first impression with powerful body language
  • How to move closer to someone while still making them comfortable with your presence
  • Learn the true impact of powerful eye contact – from creating intense sexual contact to making people feel appreciated
  • Master the language of touch –from friendly and social to intimate and romantic
  • How to get physical with a woman while ensuring she is comfortable at all times
  • Knowing the perfect moment for the first kiss, and how to go for it
  • Creating a physical connection and how to get her comfortable touching you
  • Most women still expect you to be in charge. Learn how to be a leader while being attentive and sensitive to your partner
  • The subtleties of dating – how to act on a date (who pays?), when to call again, what are good conversation topics and more. All your questions answered.
  • Anything else you may be interested in – give us a common situation you commonly get stuck in, and we’ll find a way to solve it.

Read more about our coaches: Almog and Alex.