“I believe strongly in being genuine when interacting with people, and especially with the women you want to attract. To truly be an attractive male you need to understand what we’re communicating to you – and in return, communicate with us clearly and honestly. I really love helping guys do that.”

Alex has been Warm Alpha’s resident female coach since 2008, helping guys improve their body language, conversation, touch skills and more – during live training workshops, seminars and private coaching. Clients appreciate her personal coaching style – enthusiastic, positive and fun. Training with Alex helps one and all solve that age old complaint of guys – what’s going on in women’s minds and why won’t they just tell me?

Women tend to react from their emotional core, which can be very confusing to deal with for men. One of Alex’s strong points is her ability to verbalize her emotions and female intuition, giving men invaluable insight into the true impression they leave on women. She helps men become genuine while at the same time truly understand women on a deeper level.

“She added more depth to some of the instruction that only a woman could. Plus, she was so fun – it helped put everyone at ease when we were doing things way-out of our comfort zone.” – Paul, Graphic Designer, 28, Melbourne.