“To become attractive, work on your core. Learn how to act with the confidence of an Alpha male, while being a Warm, pleasant person.”

Coming from a background of shyness and an inability to communicate honestly and confidently with women, Almog has grown into his current attractive self – a self-assured, social individual. These days his interactions with women are fun, flirtatious and absolutely genuine.

Almog has been helping men become their most attractive since 2006. He has a warm, understanding and empathic way of connecting with clients – they feel totally comfortable explaining where they are currently, and as a result they get the best possible feedback.

One of his biggest assets is his own personal journey of transformation in this area. Drawing on the lessons he learnt, he relates with the issues his clients face and helps them on the right track.

Almog has been exposed to various learning styles through his life, some of which include battlefield simulations in the Israeli Air Force, the structure of a highly analytical University Degree and various body-mind-spirit practices. Through it all he has acquired an open mind and a passion for creating long-lasting change in lives of others.

Almog’s way of teaching ensures the lessons you learn stay with you. Clients specifically enjoy his ability to break complex ideas into simple logical structures. While in a safe teaching environment, you will practice new behaviors, receive feedback on your performance and improve with every repetition. His character makes sure the experience is as much fun as it is challenging.

“Almog is a very charismatic and captivating instructor. I found he was always approachable and extremely dedicated to help me become my best self. It’s obvious he not only knows the information but uses it successfully himself.” – Jacob, 23, Australian Defense Force, Brisbane.