Do you know what you want and how to get it?

Do you honestly improve the lives of people who are around you?

If you want the answer to these two questions to be a resounding ‘yes’, you’re at the right place. Before you can start riding my wavelength, let me start by explaining some basic concepts.

A ‘Warm Alpha’ is a concise description of a certain personality type. Warm Alphas are rare specimens, and are inspirational or at the very least interesting.

Alpha stands for ‘first in order of importance’, and is usually heard in this context in the expression ‘Alpha male’. The Alpha male is the male which is a natural leader, and has people following him, adjusting to him, being inspired by him. Other men admire him, women find him very attractive. But is every leader really liked by his people? The clear answer is no.

The ‘Warm’ characteristic adresses this issue directly, and means ‘friendly and responsive’. A warm person cares about the people around him, and ensures they leave a positive impact on their lives. They take great enjoyment in bringing joy to other people’s lives. However, is every generous giver a happy fulfilled person? The answer is no.

Warm Alphas are the leaders who add value to everyone’s lives.

But I wasn’t always. I used to be a different person. My growth was very steady towards where I am today, but I had a bad starting point.

I was a loner, staying at home with a very limited social life. I was completely dependant, and followed more popular people so I could bask in their shade, hoping to share some of their success and hapiness. Sometimes I did, but most times I did not.

This changed for the better. I became more popular, but I was an unconditional giver, putting incredible efforts into spreading more and more happiness. Even when people hurt me or didn’t reciprocate my generosity, I kept giving believing that one day selfish people will change their ways and return a favour. This never happened.

After being hurt too many times, I became callous. I had some more self esteem, and people were drawn to me now. This was surprising since I was very stubborn – I never compromised, even when it meant hurting other people – but they kept coming back for more. I was the leader in whose shade people basked now, but that was more because of my strength than the actual value I added to people’s lives. I have hurt people and thought nothing of it, and despite getting my so-called way, the price in Karma was unbearable. When I dared look at myself in the mirror, I didn’t like the person who I became.

These phases in my development have led me to my current place in life.
I have very strong beliefs, and I know what sort of treatment I expect to get from any person I meet. Crossing those boundaries is unacceptable – I may give people a second chance, but never a third.
However, at the same time, I’m very flexible. I know how to relate to other people’s lives and ideas, even if they are very different to me. I find common grounds which makes people happy to follow me, in a way that they are rewarded by the new experiences I expose them to. I may not get my way a 100% of the time – but then again, no one does. In the great majority of cases, I do get my way, and when I do, not only me but everyone around me is happy.

My journey is not over. I have more fears to conquer, many new things to experience. But I have come a long way, and I know where I’m going. I have a map and I know my destination. And I have accumulated a lot of experience to get to where I am now. I want to share all of that with you.

In this blog I will explore self growth and self improvement ideas, based on my life experience and beliefs. At the moment, this will mainly focus on the area of relationships. I want you, my reader, to have more choice in your love life. And when you find someone you want to keep around, I want that to come easily and naturally.

The blog is written out of my life experiences, and its main target audience is men. However, I invite any readers of the beautiful sex to relish in my writings. Both men and women – your opinions and comments will be respected and appreciated.

Reading this page might be the first step in a big change that is going to eventuate in your life, sooner than you’d imagine. Read back the first two questions at the top of this post, and try to imagine how it would feel to be able to answer them positively. And try to remember how you feel now. If you start walking the journey which I describe here, you are well on your way to a much happier life – it is up to you. I hope you take this opportunity for what it is.

Wow, that was pretty melodramatic. Enough of that for now. Enjoy the website!