Fundamentals Bootcamp

Weekend workshops are a great way to boost your social abilities in a very short time period. But don’t expect it to be a walk in the park. In 3 days we cover so much ground you’d find it hard to believe. This doesn’t mean this will be a dry lecture style workshop – just the opposite.

We’ll be doing exercises and simulations of real live situations where usually people get stuck – and then again. And then again. Just like any other skill, social skills are learnt through repetitive practice. And our coaches’ truly insightful eye helps you improve quicker than you ever thought possible by pointing out those blind spots that had you ‘hit a brick wall’ with what you’ve been trying so far. Basically, you will quickly see just how much you can change when you’re pushed to your limit.

No matter what level of social skills you are currently at, this workshop will have something for you. We find that most people, from the most socially inept to even the best ones out there, have some fundamental skills that could use honing. So we give strong emphasis on building solid foundations to your social persona. On top of that, we teach the cutting edge in social transformation – so that even impressive feats will become a well-practiced second nature. All, at the end of 3 days.

So what does the weekend cover?

The 4 Fundamentals

We consider the 4 most important master skills for a seducer to be:

1. Beginning conversations (a skill also known as “opening”) – being able to start a conversation in a way the captures the other side’s attention.

2. Conversation – creating powerful flowing conversations which flow effortlessly.

3. Touch – using touch in a fun and sexy way, being comfortable touching and being touched.

4. Leadership – constantly taking interactions to the next level (a skill also known as “escalating”), both on the physical and the emotional level.

So, under the umbrella of these fundamentals, the actual skills being taught are quite varied.

Body language – reading books about body language doesn’t work. Usually you have no idea how you look like when you walk, and talk, and no one around will point that out to you.
In the workshop we take an intimate look at all the subtleties of body language. You’ll see how changing your body language just slightly makes you feel 10 times more comfortable and confident, in less than 1 second. We’ll also cover the importance of ‘her personal space’ – how much into it you want to go, and how to read when she’s not comfortable with you and change it immediately.

Relaxation – probably the most noticeable characteristic about attractive and charismatic people is how much presence they have. And this has to do with their internal state – one of calm relaxation in all social situations with everyone. We’ll show you a simple exercise that’s being used by special agents all over the world to get over their anxieties – those guys can never be nervous at their job… If you can imagine having the cool of James Bond, this is it.

Free association – how to keep a conversation going and what are the ‘good’ topics to talk about? You’ll find that as long as you talk out of free association, or your emotional mind, almost everything will work. We’ll get you to start feeling the usage of this part of your brain, and access it at all times – you’ll be really surprised by how well you can actually talk NOW.

Listening – Maybe not the most sexy topic, but super powerful. If you want to get another person to open up to you, you have to let them know they’re actually being listened to – not just talking to a nodding humanoid. We’ll teach you the body language of listening, and powerful ways to communicate to people that you really understand where they’re coming from. In turn, people will tell you more and more about themselves. This is the key to creating a strong connection and impression the first time you meet someone.

Touch – This would have to be everyone’s favourite part of the workshop. Our local touch model joins the workshop and gives you direct feedback from a woman’s perspective on how your touch feels like to her. If you have any sticking points about touching in public, they will come out in the class room and we’ll fix them in time for the night out. You’ll also be surprised to see that there is a consistent pattern of more intimate touch and distance between people closing the better they get to know each other. To the normal person this could take 3 dates – but it doesn’t have to take more than 30 minutes… These exercise will make you feel confident about going for the kiss, always knowing how attracted she is to you, and how to get her to touch you.

Sexual stateEye contact can express so much, and is understood intuitively by everyone. In this set of exercises you’ll learn how to make a woman feel like she’s the most beautiful thing in the world just by looking at her, and how to make her feel your desire for her. The reason why our students love these exercises so much is that this stuff cannot be faked. Our female coaches are absolutely floored (and by that I mean aroused) by the raw sexual energy students start to radiate with their eyes while doing this exercise.

The feminine psyche – rather than a specific set of exercises, this is a running theme throughout the workshop. The feedback the coaches give you is based on a keen understanding of the way women perceive men and social situations and how they experience attraction and other sexual feelings. By the end of the workshop, you will have a very good understanding of this as well. For this reason, a lot of students describe the workshop as learning another language. The veil has been removed and they can see the world that lies beyond the matrix of social norms – what really goes on behind the scenes, and not what we’ve been told by the media, our family and our friends.

Getting it right – Some moments are hard and nerve wracking for many guys. The right moments to take her number, to move her away from her friends, to go for a kiss . Rightfully so, because if done at the wrong moment, when she’s not ready for it and you’re not feeling confident, it can ruin the entire vibe. We’ll show you how to get it right every time. She’ll appreciate that.

Cold reading – one thing that seemingly separates women and men is female intuition. Not true! We’ll help you develop your mantution (we should trademark that!) to a level where you can see deep into her life, her past and her innermost desires. Then we’ll teach you how to communicate that to her in a way that would build both intrigue about your life and a stronger connection between the two of you. It’s like magic.

And more - if students come to the workshop communicating beforehand that there is a situation they get stuck on, we’ll find a way to exercise doing it in a better way, until it becomes naturally. That’s actually one of the main ways this workshop keeps evolving over time.

The essentials:

Instructors – Our instructors are always very carefully picked to convey the “Warm Alpha” vibe, being an attractive confident man while being a genuinely good person. They’re all very socially succesful as well as fantastic coaches with a keen eye for your blind spots, and an understanding of what it takes to get a student to improve (sometimes you have to be hard and sometimes you have to be soft, it’s quite an art). We’re also very proud of our student to instructor ratio, which we keep at 2 to 1 at any given point. You are bound to get enough rest, but also a lot of practice and personal attention.

• Sample schedule:

Friday afternoon – 6pm-10pm

Friday night (night out in bars) – 10pm-1am

Saturday – 12pm-8pm

Saturday evening 8-9pm – dinner break

Saturday night  (night out in bars) – 9pm-11pm

Sunday – 12pm-4pm

Sunday evening – 6pm-8pm – debrief

As you can see, it’s a lot of work, which will kick-start a lot of growth. Get a good night’s sleep on Thursday.

By the way, some workshops have different schedules as more effort can be put on socializing during day time.

Focus on taking action – as mentioned before, this workshop is about taking action. Hence, it is based around simulations and exercises. Much like anything else you actually do – from basketball to driving cars to learning how to write – you have to do many repetitions to get it right. The weekend intensive gives you the opportunity to do your first simulated repetitions in a safe environment with personalized immediate feedback so that your learning curve is shortened significantly.

We also use our time out to take action in those areas where we’ve been stuck for a while. The bottleneck that’s being released throughout the days of exercise becomes a social work of art in the making when we arrive at the real world.

• Our resident girls are just fantastic. It’s a great privilege to be able to hear a woman’s uncensored opinion of you and what you’re doing. Niceness is nice, but honesty is great, and they won’t spare you the truth. What you need to improve will be put out on the table – and we will work on it immediately!

• The bottom line is AUD$1197. This includes personalized coaching at the lowest coach per client ratio around, heaps of content filled hours, role-play simulations AND a touch model. This weekend will change your life.

• This price also includes a follow up coaching session a week after the workshop – to make sure you are on track and still working and improving on this area in your life. While teaching for other companies I saw too many people enjoy a weekend rush, and follow that by losing track of the overall plan – I will NOT let that happen to you!

p.s. Don’t believe you can improve so quickly over three days? You’ll be getting around 25 hours of coaching, not to mention a lot of time in the ‘real world’ under supervision…

But if you’re still doubting – this is a video of a guy I worked for exactly 45 minutes before he went out into the streets of Melbourne to do his first approach ever. I thought he did very well.