Phone sessions

Phone sessions allows you to improve your skills, solve your issues, get motivated for pushing yourself and more – all from the comfort of your own home.

Phone sessions with a coach are good for:

  • Coaching without the delays of travelling – whether you’re busy or live in another country!
  • Affordable 1-on-1 private coaching
  • When you want some quick advice, review a topic or a situation, or want to a quick practice of a skill
  • Long term coaching (see below)

You can buy a half-hour for $39, or an hour for $75.

Long term coaching

A very popular service, long term coaching requires the commitment to a few weeks (minimum 4) of weekly calls, usually during the same day. A usual time period for coaching is 12 weeks, which is a significant amount of time where massive improvements and permanent changes can appear in your life.

This is ideal for students who want to:

  • Space out their learning – learn a few skills and ideas every time and practice them in the real world (rather than learning many skills in bulk in a weekend workshop)
  • Motivation and follow up – students who take on the study of communication skills can find the start challenging. This is a journey, and can be made easy with weekly support from someone who has taken the journey before you. You will get support, a listening ear to your problems, a quick solution and effective ways to motivate you to take action.

If you have had the experience of taking on a big goal, and then failing to achieve it because you gave up halfway (or before…) a few weeks of coaching can make the big difference!

Sample Topics

Phone sessions may cover any topic – ultimately it depends on the client’s wishes. Alternatively, the coach can advise as to the topic of a session. Common topics include:

  • How to get past “approach anxiety” and begin conversations with strangers with comfort and ease
  • Create flowing conversations
  • Get people you speak with to open up to you
  • Make deep connections with women
  • The subtleties of body language and touch
  • Attract women by being your best self – and how to let that side of you shine consistently
  • How to get a woman’s phone number – the right moment and what to say
  • When is the right moment to go for the kiss
  • Common relationship issues – managing jealousy, neediness, dramas, creating open communications, maintaining passion and romance, creating the type of relationship you want (casual, monogamous, poly) and more.
  • Attract the kind of women you want and not settle for the ones that throw themselves at you.
  • Whatever issue you are currently facing…

Technicalities and details

It is possible to arrange a coaching call at any time both client and coach are free.

Skype chats are also possible, and webcams may be used if requested.

(this is especially useful for learning and covering subtle non-verbal skills)

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