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Hey there boys n gals.

Sooo to complement my connections workshop (“Smooth Talk”), I’ve decided to do a workshop on just showing intent. Those two skills are the 2 that guys lack the most when approaching game, and I wanted to create a separate workshop (outside of my 3 day weekend bootcamp) that focuses on that and that only in great depth.

Showing (romantic / sexual) intent is what makes the difference between a friendly conversation and a sexy conversation. It is much more than just flirting. You can “flirt” with a girl (just making them smile and mucking around) without showing intent at all. Showing intent is about letting her KNOW (or more accurately, letting her FEEL) that you are interested in being more than just friends.

Once she realizes your intent, she then has the choice of agreeing to that intent, disagreeing, or sitting on the fence (“maybe”). But at least your desired direction for the interaction between you two has been displayed, and if she sticks around you can assume she wants the same thing as you. “Game” (for lack of a better word) really is that simple.

So why do guys not show intent if it’s that simple?

Common mistakes in showing intent
Well, because there are subtleties to it. Try to see if these apply to you. Too many guys:

- Have friendly conversations that lead nowhere

- See windows of opportunity open, but don’t know how to take them (you know she’s ready to be kissed but don’t know how to do it, you know you should get her hand but don’t know how etc)

- Get out of interactions feeling like shit because they put on a “social mask”

- Show some intent but then back out of it

- Are not being able to hold sexual tension

- Do not understand how to slowly move a girl into higher and higher levels of physical, emotional and sexual compliance

- Just push themselves through escalation without really understanding how and why they’re doing it, and definitely not enjoying it

- Attempt to use very subtle ways of showing intent (eye contact, genuine compliment) without understanding the subtleties behind it

- Take on someone else’s style of showing intent, without owning it themselves, thus making it feel fake (for example being playful when you’re a genuine guy, or vice versa, being too physical, too intense, too mystery methody)

- Wait for a girl to show you enough IOIs before you decide it’s OK to show her your interested

- Trying to find the “right moment” to do it

- Not being able to hold sexual tension and collapse

Fix your intent – with our sexy female coaches
So what is this workshop about, and why should you work on your intent right now (rather than any other sticking point)?

During the workshop – we will work on dozens of ways to show intent, including at the most subtle levels – and give you the right feedback so you never make those mistakes again! I really do believe that before learning complex ideas, you want to master the fundamentals.

Showing intent is one of the two big fundamentals. Without knowing you show intent properly, you are very likely self sabotaging yourself right now in sets. You aren’t even getting rejected – you’re rejecting yourself.

I believe that everyone has their own style of showing intent that is unique, which is why we’ll cover all of the bases. Not saying any is better – depending on what you want to achieve and who you are, you will choose a different way of showing your intent. You will also have the flexibility to understand when a girl is showing you intent in a different way.

And the most important thing. I believe intent has to be REAL, so to get that side of you out, you get the chance to practice with our lovely, warm, flirty, and sexy female coaches Aleisha and Alex:



Sooo…. what does this workshop cover?


- Learn how to make friendly eye contact which makes you non-intimidating and allows you to put her at ease immediately

- How to convey your attraction to her with your eyes (“bedroom eyes” on the fly)

- How to convey any emotion through your eyes and face, without saying a word

- Facial expressions, and your own “sexy face”.

- Compliance, moving her around and the Almog Compliance ladder in a club (all the way from getting eye contact from her, through moving her around the club and until taking her home).

- How to use your breath to relax and express whatever state you are into

- How to go into a sexual state and really drive her crazy, like Robbie does in this video (starts at 1:35)

Robbie Williams Interview (Kissing attack) (The video’s owner prevents external embedding)

- We will adjust your body language to project a strong presence – from head to toe

- How to get close to a girl without “getting in her space”, and how to avoid creeping a girl out by being “in her space” too soon.

- Using proximity and moving in and out of her space to create sexual tension

- How to show intent when you’ve been rejected – and the nature of escalation in general

Touch escalation

Probably everyone’s favorite part of the workshop – touching hot girls and getting feedback! – we’ll be giving this a solid 3-4 hour section of the day

- Going from touching a girl’s arm from the first time, through all the hard points for guys:

- How to start touching her as soon as the conversation starts

- Getting her hand in about 10 different ways, and how to hold hands (being subtle and strong at the same time)

- Moving in closer and have your bodies touching

- Holding her and getting her to hold you back

- Preparing her to be kissed, and getting her really turned on knowing you CAN kiss her but are just teasing her (this is HOT!)

- Including hardcore quick escalation game (caveman game) and how it works – this is high risk high reward stuff

Experiencing it, rather than reading about it – and getting feedback on the way you touch from girls in a safe environment (where you can repeat it until you get it right) – is something you very rarely get a chance to!

This is very important, as everyone has a different personality and trying to take on someone else’s style of verbal intent feels incongruent and hence wrong. The best way to find out yours, is to try out everything that’s there and then decide. We’ll be covering

- 3D compliment – as a person as well as a woman.

- Blaming her for your attraction

- Creating a role-play scenario where she can feel (and act on!) your attraction to each other

- Genuine compliments

- Playful compliments

- Implying her attraction to you

- Escalating sexual teases

- Sexual innuendo and turning everything sexual

- Talking about sex / sexual rapport

The mindset of escalation

This will be the big theme of the workshop, and will be a common thread between exercises. It includes:

- How the quickness of your escalation affects how you are perceived

- How to keep moving forward with showing intent despite having an escalation attempt declined (persistence)

- How to stop ejecting from a set, grow a massive set of balls and go for it

- When is it time to leave a girl – how to really know she’s not interested

The details:
It’s on next week Sunday the 24th of October, 12pm-9pm (or a bit later). Get in touch if you’re interested in future dates.

There are 8 spots altogether, and 6 of them are currently taken.

This is the first time I’m teaching the workshop in this format and hence you guys get to be my guinea pigs for new crazy ideas and this format. But yeah, because it’s the first time, it’s cheap, this is a price that will not be repeated. Do realize that I have to pay for the room and 2 female coaches, and that you get an ENTIRE DAY to smash what is probably your most annoying sticking point – and you’ll see that it’s a bargain. I don’t know when I’ll be holding it again at this moment.

Either way, there is a %100 money back guarantee at the end of the day if you are not completely satisfied with what you’ve learnt.

Also, you get a workbook that includes all the exercises (as well as homework) so that your learning is always accessible.

The price for the workshop is $300, I’m willing to take up to 2 people that want to pay this in 2 payments.

CONTACT ME ASAP if you’re interested:

Write an e-mail to (or through the contact form here)

Text me @ 0414 135 244


p.s. I really tried to make this workshop cover all bases. If you’re keen to have this sticking point resolved, find your OWN style of showing intent (i.e. your own sexy self), and start seeing the very different results that it gets you, get in touch while spots are available.