Smooth Talk

From: Almog

Hey guys!

Do you find yourselves having recurring problems in conversations?

- not knowing what to say
- not showing romantic intent and having purely friendly / “dancing monkey” conversations
- not having enough fun in their conversations
- not creating enough tension / chase in their conversations
- not having girls opening up to them, having to force conversations all the time
- not knowing what to say on the phone to a girl

- and so on
I may just have the thing for you…

Because of complaints from my students who had a lot of recurring issues with their conversations, I’ve decided to develop a conversational workshop. I love breaking down skills and making them fit the people who are learning, and by now, the workshop has run over 10 times and keeps showing remarkable results.

Look, you literally can’t learn something like having a fun flowing conversation by plowing your way into it and forcing it. So we HAVE to have fun learning it. And by fun I mean a whole heap of challenging exercises and games; they’ll give you a lot of insight about where you’re currently at and where you’re headed!

Don’t expect too much theory. When you come to this workshop, I will kick your ass to make sure you get GOOD exactly where you SUCK. You get feedback and you do it over and over in the safe environment of the classroom until you get it. And then unleash it onto the world :)

What you’ll learn:

-   How to have a flowing conversation where you just say the first thing that comes to your mind – and you’re interesting!

-   Tired of interviewing the girls you meet and getting weak answers? We’ll practice super powerful tools you probably heard of before but never mastered that gets anyone to start talking (it’s just a reflex)

-   How to get a girl to ask you practically anything. And you know that once she asks you something she’s going to be really interested in the answer…

-   Leading the interaction – you don’t want to be the only one talking, but you also don’t want to appear like you have something to hide. A good pace for a conversation where both parties contribute! This is broken down to two phases 90/10 in the beginning of the interaction and 50/50 when your partner starts giving you more. HANDS DOWN the most important exercise of the workshop for most students.

-   How do some people create exciting, fun interactions out of thin air? There’s going to a be a lot of this… sending mixed signals, push and pull, misinterpretations, disqualifying yourself and her. Make girls giggle as the tension within them is mounting so much they’re about to explode!

-   How to make sure, in the beginning of the interaction you’re listening to her and talking about the one thing that really interests her - herself! – Without running out of things to say. Most guys talk about themselves so much, she will start asking you questions immediately!

-   The art of observation – noticing things about her and the environment that create an instant commonality and conversation topic

-   Learn to talk Feminese © – or scenic talking. Girls talk a lot in scenes (emotional). Guys like to talk in mindmaps (logical). Learn the difference, and actually start talking in her language – things really start flowing (for you AND her) when you get it!

-   Talk about YOUR emotions – sounds a bit sissy, doesn’t it? Well it’s not. The more insight you have into yourself, the more confident and strong you seem – especially when you’re able to OWN the most vulnerable moments of your life. This is something very rare, which is bound to make an impact on her.

-   Listening is more than just looking at the girl and nodding (although it’s a big part of it). We’ll practice skills such as reflective listening, emotional relating and story deepening that would get her to feel safe to open up to you

-   How to genuinely compliment a woman so she feels ‘seen’? The basics of direct game are so subtle that you’d be hard pressed to learn them from a book. I’ll correct your delivery, eye contact and overall vibe until you absolutely “get it”.

-   Even more than that, we’re going to practice how to show a woman she has complete power over you. Completely counter-intuitive, and going against the grain of a lot of community so-called wisdom, there is NOTHING that turns a woman on then to know that she’s making you lose control. And soon, she loses control too..

-   How to get on to sexual sexual topics with girls, immediately. We’ll practice how to make women feel comfortable talking about their sex lives with you within 2 minutes of meeting them. You don’t always have to do it that way, but when you do, you create so much intimacy right off the bat and send her mind exactly where you want it – the gutter :)

-   How to really tease a girl, and why it’s actually an advanced skill that you can easily get wrong. This exercise will be the summary of all the awesome stuff we’ll practice on doing on the second day – cold reads to read her mind and energy, open loops to arouse her curiosity, push pull to put her emotions on hyperdrive…

-   How to persist in conversation while having fun with it… And when to know it’s time to go.

-   What’s the right moment to ask for her phone number, and how to do it in a way she’d really want to answer when you contact?

-   How to talk on the phone with a girl for the first time… And especially the hardest moments – how to begin the conversation??

The Warm Alpha touch

There is a reason why my students often describe doing a Warm Alpha workshop as “learning a new language”. We give you a keen and awesome insight into the female psyche, how women perceive attraction, sexuality, social situations and, well, YOU!

See, conversational techniques got a bad reputation – and for good reason. When taught alone, techniques can lead to a tape-recorder / robot / parrot sort of seducer who says the exact same thing without even looking the other person in the eye or making any sort of human contact.

But that’s just because they are often taught wrong. Because teaching them right isn’t something you can do on a DVD or a book. You need to do it in person. You need to get feedback and improve. You can do it out in field, and it will take a lot of stale repetitions. Or you can get that feedback here.

And the sort of feedback you get isn’t restricted to some 1-2-3 connect-the-dots bullshit. You can have the words just right and still come off awkward, wrong and creepy.

So in the background while doing these exercises, we’re going to work hard on two things:
* Mindset – what to focus your thoughts about
* Delivery – what to focus your body and non-verbals (eyes, stance, touch, smile etc)

And the sort of feedback you get from the instructors would be regarding to how women perceive you.

That’s right. You’ll find out that your last delivery came across as creepy because of the awkward pause you had, or that it came across as extra seductive because of correct pacing, eye contact and a sly smile. And I find that’s a much better motivation to improve than just following a formula :)

The price

These days, a lot of people with means in the community are driving prices up. There are DVD out there that promise to heal your conversation woes for $800, not to mention an endless array of books and other information products which end up sitting on your shelf.

On the other side of the scale, people pay thousands of dollars for workshops with companies (including my own) which focus on a broad range of topics. These people aren’t stupid – they KNOW that a workshop that infuses them with knowledge and experience shaves months off their learning curb.

So, I have to say that for that price the workshop is an absolute STEAL at $575. Yup, the first time I did this workshop, while it was still in development, it was a little cheaper. The workshop wasn’t fully developed, some ideas were played with and left behind – and the students were fully aware of that. Now that I can safely say (admittedly I’m biased haha) that it’s the best conversation training I know of – better than ones that cost 4 times more by big name American companies that shall not be named – the price went up, but just by a bit. Trust me when I say I won’t be offering it any cheaper than this, ever.

Mind you, this price includes the workshop notes, which will allow you to follow up with practicing these skills indefinitely. Many of them you can practice by yourself (don’t even need a conversation partner) so all those dead times during the day when you can’t decide what to watch on TV you can be improving your conversational skills… Point is, you get MUCH MORE than 2 days of practice for that price. You get a skill that you can build, and the tools to build it. Forever.

Money back Guarantee

I don’t know if you can notice this, but I really care about your success. I’m not about false promises, and not about taking your money if you don’t improve.

So I’m not going to sell you any bullshit here. This is not the magic bullet, because nothing is. BUT, and this is a massive BUT (hehe just thinking of a massive African bootie… moving on) – you WILL come out of this workshop having massively improved your conversation skills. And that thing which is hurting your conversations the most right now, will get better. Can you imagine that – getting improvement somewhere you’re completely stuck?!

If you never knew how to give a girl a compliment, you will be after the workshop.
If you never knew how to make a conversation fun, you will after the workshop.

And so on…

It’ll be seared into your mind with real experience. Muscle memory.

And so this is my guarantee – if you participated in both days of the workshop and you’re not happy by the end – ask for your money and I’ll happily give it, no questions asked. I plan on working so hard and kicking your ass so hard into gear that there’s no chance that’d happen.


Because as I said I’m not interested in just taking your money and I want to really see you improve – every person who comes to the workshop gets a $100 worth follow up one-on-one phone coaching session with me.

You also get a workbook with all the exercises that we did so you can repeat them after the workshop to refresh your memory if you need to – just to maintain that lasting effect!

The details

“Smooth” Talk workshops are held over a Saturday and Sunday from 12:30-9pm.

Workshop is limited to 4 participants.

Price: $497.

Or alternatively, If you wish, you can pay it in 3 monthly payments of $175. You can pay with a credit card, paypal or direct deposit.

What you get:
- 2 day workshop with 15+ HOURS of practical conversation practice (not theory!)
- A follow up coaching call to put you on the right track
- A booklet with all the exercises from the workshop to practice after we finish. Nothing that you learn will be lost.

Contact me now via email if you want to sign up, or have any questions.

p.s. this is the best deal I could imagine offering to you. If you can’t afford a $1000K+ workshop, this is the best deal you can get.